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Pricing plans

For all pricing plans below first month is free of charge.

Features and services Beginner plan
1000 rub/month
Basic plan
3000 rub/month
Professional plan
6000 rub/month
CMS for basic online store entities (products, categories, delivery methods) with admin control panel and convinient navigation
Products listing with sorting by name, price and existence
Product cart with Quick order and Add to cart features
Shopping cart
Delivery methods editor with delivery cost calculation rules
Publishing pages with HTML formatting for news, press releases, etc.
Files upload (images, documents) to the content database of the site1
UI customization: use predefined theme or create unique custom design (by separate agreement it is possible to order it from Storeolis)2
Set logo, banners, campaigns on the main page and categories pages
Editable top navigation
Automatically generated breadcrumb
Contact forms
Full-text search by products
SEO (editable titles of publishing pages, product pages, categories, editable robots.txt, dynamic sitemap.xml, description and keywords metatags, canonical urls)
Integration with Yandex Metrika analytics system with possibility to analyze conversion by separate targets (e.g. Click on Add to cart, Click on Create order)
Integration with Google Analytics
Integration with social networks (Like buttons from Facebook, Google+, VK.com)
Possibility to comment publishing pages and products (via VK.com widget)
Integration with Yandex Market online stores aggregation system (working by CPC and CPA models)
Integration with Products Mail.ru
Integration with 1C
Automatic email notifications when customer creates order, asks question, orders callback or sends contact form
Anti-spam filter
Automatic calculation of the similiar products based on orders statistics
Users accounts management
Russian and English UI languages
Possibility to set arbitrary currency for the store
Content database size 100Mb 500Mb 1Gb with possibility to extend the limit
Site performance Average Normal High
Backup retention 7 days 7 days 7 days
Automatic updates3
Possibility to use own domain name for the store4
First month is free
Possibility to add online payments using preferrable payment provider5
  1. Uploading of executable files (javascript, flash, silverlight etc.) should be made after preliminary approval of Storeolis technical support
  2. When unique custom design is used (including those which is created by Storeolis designers by separate agreement) responsibility for compatibility support with new features installed with automatic updates is transfered to the store's owner. Storeolis supports compatibility for predefined UI themes.
  3. CMS is continuously developed. With automatic updates stores owners get all last fesatures and fixes. If changing of existing functionality is required it will be made with backward compatibility when possible. In case when backward compatibility won't be available stores owners will get email with option to leave online store on the current CMS version (in this case automatic updates and fixes won't be installed anymore), or accept changes and continue to receive automatic updates.
  4. During trial period it is possible to use 3rd level Storeolis domain in the form: {domain}.storeolis.com or {domain}.storeolis.ru. After trial period own domain name should be used
  5. Adding online payments is done after preliminary agreement with store owner
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